Tuesday, September 9, 2008


So Victoria Beckham went and done chopped all her hair off. I suppose she was sick and tired of having "The Posh"? Or maybe she just wanted to do something so extreme that Katie Holmes wouldn't possibly copy her? Or perhaps she knows that no matter what she does, people will follow suit and wanted to see if she could make the "V for Vendetta" look happen? Either way, I think it's an improvement. The short haircut really suits her and she almost looks like a real live human. Almost. Or maybe that's just because she's standing next to Marc "snort 'em up" Jacobs and Giaganto Assed JLo. I mean, next to them, anyone looks normal. Anyway, here are the three divas yesterday at the Marc Jacob show. Other attendees included Kelly Osbourne and her 12 year old boyfriend, as well as Nicole Richie and Kanye West, both looking so fabulous I could slap them. Seriously, those two always turn it out. They have amazing style.


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