Friday, September 19, 2008

What's The Problem?

Some people are up in arms about Janet Jackson's latest artistic choices, claiming the singer has become too hot for her own concerts. Ms. Jackson if you're nasty kicked off the U.S. leg of her latest tour last night sporting tight catsuits and some seriously bodacious fauxhawked hair, but what has some audience members shocked are her S&M and bondage themes. For one number, Janet pulled a man out of the audience, chained him up on stage, and allegedly stimulated oral sex on him. Her concerts also includes doing similar things to her dancers. And? What is the problem here? Did these people think they were going to see "The Wiggles" and end up at the right place on the wrong day? It's Janet Jackson! Of course she is going to have something racy and controversial going on in her show. Anyone who doesn't know that is a moron. If you like it, don't go! Below are some of the eight costume changes Ms. Jackson wiggled into last night, which I think look pretty cool.



Elisabeth Moody said...

link me, and im linking you!

love your blog, and i hate janet.
hate me, but i hate her.
well, hate is a strong word, but she is a strong person.

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