Tuesday, September 2, 2008

When Hot Bodies Happen To Raging Douchebags

Travis Barker...where do I begin? I hate to admit that I find him totally sexy, in an arrogant, "I'm the effing shit and you better do what I ask because I'm famous for making shitty music for teenagers that are old enough to be my children" kind of way. The only thing that comforts me in my sad attraction to Mr. Barker is the fact that I'm sure he has more diseases than Paris Hilton screwing Kid Rock on a landfill at Chernobyl. Anyway, here's Massengil with his kids in Malibu yesterday, getting inspiration for his next album, no doubt. I'm positive it will include the words, "My parents are so stupid, they won't buy me a balloon, I may be only 15, but I'm running away soon.." Or some dumbass shit like that.


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