Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Who Wants To Catch VD From Paris Hilton?

Breathing petri dish and vaginal wasteland Paris Hilton debuts her new abortion of a show on MTV at 10 tonight entitled "My New BFF". I know-you are pissing your pants with anticipation. But wait! There's more. She just released a new song about friendship and puppydogs or some shit. “I just finished my album a couple of days ago,” Paris told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS FM radio show this morning. “This song I just wrote about best friends. I think anyone can relate to the song. … It’s a really happy song.” First of all, let me say you HAVE to CLICK HERE to listen to this mess. There is no way in herpes that she is singing on that track. Secondly, what self respecting 27 year old writes a song about "like, best friends and stuff"? Wait, what am I saying. That chick has the vocabulary and maturity of a ten year old with a battered porn star's body. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, did the producers screen these applicants for mental defect? I just don't see any other explanation for a grown adult scratching and clawing and fighting to win Gonorreah when they could just zip on over to the nearest truck stop strip club and get it for free without all that hassle. I just don't understand some people.


Mz Fi said...

if this were a j-pop single or the background music on sonic the hedgehog, i would allow it. as it is...

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