Thursday, September 4, 2008

You Can Breathe A Sigh of Relief. Sid and Nancy Are Still Bumping Fugs.

Whew! I was just so worried about these two that you just don't even know! We haven't seen them together in quite some time, so I was frantically concerned that they had split. Thankfully, the modern day Sid and Nancy are still together, which means I can take down my prayer shrine to Guadalupe and ease up on the 651 calls a day to Jesus promising that I will visit Malawi and steal someone's baby if he would keep these two together. And trust me, they have to stay together. Who else is going to get into razor blade fights in the back alley of The Viper Room, leave hotels a graffittied mess and insight riots with their steadfast political beliefs? Forget "The Notebook"-these two are the true great American Love Story and cannot break up lest they want me to drown myself in a river of tears. Sid and Nancy forever!


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