Friday, October 17, 2008

65 Year Old Katie Holmes Tivos "Matlock", Steps Out for Strained Peas

It is so lovely to see Katie Holmes put down that doile she was kniting, pick herself up by her Depends, put on her finest Talbot's ensemble and head out for a rousing evening of Bingo and Shuffleboard. I'm sure she had to pop a few extra arthritis pills, but she probably just washed them down with her usual evening cocktail of qualudes, gin and tears. It's also out of the norm to see Katie looking so spritely. Sort of as if she has a secret. I bet she got into a bitch fight with Joan Collins and ripped her dollar store wig off. You know how crazy some women can get after menopause. They lose all sense of dignity and class. Then again, when you're peeing in your pantsuit at dinner, I guess all bets are off.


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