Thursday, October 9, 2008

Afternoon Deelight

Sarah Silverman voted top celeb stoner! Celeb Stoner

Minnie Driver may not have a t.v. show anymore, but she does have a cute kid.
Celebrity Poopscoop

Hip Candy

L'Oreal is being sued by a dumbass blonde for a dumbass reason
Celebrity Smack

Paris gets presidential with Martin Sheen
Celebrity Dirty Laundry


Ali-ers said...

"This, of course, left the bimbo, Ms. Charlotte Feeney, so “traumatized” that it caused her to need anti-depressants.

Yes, really.

Not only that, she claims she was so distraught that she suffered from headaches and anxiety as well. But wait, we’re not done here. Heh.

She added that she so dearly missed “the attention that blondes receive” that she wouldn’t leave her house - and when she did, she would wear a hat in order to hide her gruesome self from the public."

Oh Gawd! Some peeps really need a good smacking & a talking to.

Mrs. M. said...

That chick definetely needs a therapist STAT because she is dillusional and batshit crazy! And has she ever heard of wigs? Because if she wanted to be blonde that bad, she could always have just bought a wig. I mean, it is Halloween time-I doubt there's a shortage.

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