Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And Let Me Guess-Robert Rodriguez is Directing?

Rose "melting mannequin" McGowan is going to have to seperate herself from RR's man business for five mintues, because the House of Wax wannabe is all set to play porn star Linda Lovelace in an upcoming bio about the "Deep Throat" star's life entitled "Inferno". (Because her vagina was always burning?) A source said: "It’s a very gritty role - Linda’s life was far from happy." Inferno will tell how the porn queen, who's real name was Linda Boreman, was forced into the sex industry by her abusive husband Chuck Traynor. Her breakthrough film Deep Throat caused a sensation upon release, and was one of the only pornographic movies ever to be shown in mainstream cinemas. Linda eventually died broke as crap at the age of 53 in 2002 after losing control of her car and crashing. Before her death she had been involved in drug use but had turned her life around and become an ardent feminist and anti-porn campaigner. Sources say McGowan is psyched because A-listers such as Angelina Jolie and Meg Ryanwere previously linked to the movie. Yeah fucking right! You know Rose just made that up so she could seem important. The only other person up for this role was probably Tara Reid who was just too shitfaced to memorize her complex lines such as "Right there." and "Ooh baby." That being said, I'm sure Robert Rodriguez is in some way attached to this project. We all know bitch can't act for shit and her face looks like she took a blowtorch to it. The only way she can get a role is bagging that face and giving RR the time of his fug life.


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