Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Anna Friel in Page Six Magazine

Ok so first of all, Page Six is knocking me out like Rocky Balboa with their recent selection of cover girls. First the magnificent Christina Hendricks, now Anna Friel? You're on a roll with honey butter, PS. In case some of you do not know who Anna Friel is, she is only one of the amazing shows of all time, "Pushing Daisies". Because "The Riches" has been kicked off the air like an unloved redheaded stepchild, P.D. is now my favorites show on television. If you have not seen it, I insist that you must. It is effing magical. It comes on tonight at 8, so peep it or Anna Friel will...well, she's probably bake you cupcakes and ask you nicely because she is just that kind of classy broad.
BTW, don't you think she looks kind of like an Olsen on the cover?



Aliers said...

She totes does look like an Olsen on the cover! At first glance I thought she was.

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