Monday, October 27, 2008

Britney's the New Jane Fonda, Ya'll

It's no secret-Britney Spears has definetely gotten into the groove and re-adopted her old diet and workout regimen. Now the formally flabberdocious Spears is back in fighting form and hotter than ever. How doth she do it? With Britney's Workout Plan! That's right, aside from working out with trainer Seven four to five times per week, she has also been hitting dance rehearsals hard. So basically she puts in work, moves her ass, goes berserk, eats her salad (NO desert!) so she can git that career she deserves. This video shows a few strength training excercises done by Brit which you can easily practice at home with a couple of dumbells. Now if you follow Britney's Workout Plan exclusively, you too can date outside the family, get a double wide and ride a plane. Also, they really shouldn't have played "Gimmie More" during this video. I think the Rocky theme song would have been more appropriate. After all, Brit is the comeback kid. Now if you will excuse me, I must go run up a shitload of steps with a tacky jogging suit on.


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