Friday, October 3, 2008

Broadway To Dim It's Light In Remebrance of Paul Newman

The marquees of the Broadway theatres will be dimmed Oct. 3 at 8 PM for one minute to pay tribute to the late, great Paul Newman, who died Sept. 26 at the age of 83 after battling cancer. Charlotte St. Martin, executive director of The Broadway League, said, "For over half a century Paul Newman has graced our stages and inspired our souls with his brilliant talent. He received a Tony nomination for his inventive role as the Stage Manager in Our Town. After beginning his illustrious career on stage, his love for theatre continued throughout his life as demonstrated by the Newman family's support of the renowned Westport Country Playhouse. Off-stage, his tireless devotion to philanthropic work has enhanced many lives and worthwhile causes. His presence everywhere will be missed." Paul Newman was the whole package. He was kind, generous, selfless, devoted and smart. Not to mention the fact that he was an absolute stud muffin. Beautiful inside and out!


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