Friday, October 24, 2008

Damn That Marc Anthony is Slick!

I'm pretty sure Marc Anthony is sick and tired of getting photographed next to healthy looking people like JHo and hotel plants. He probably spends his evenings sharing a pint of virgin blood with Vickie Beckham and pondering ways to look a little more Christian Bale in Batman and a little less Christian Bale in The Maschinist. Marc was probably laying awake in his coffin one morning when all of the sudden, it came to him. "I know! I need to befriend Allegra Versace! She's the only half dead on this planet who looks worse off than me! I'll take her everywhere-parties, the grocery store, blood sucking ceremonies. I'll look like motherfucking James McAvoy next to her ass!" And you know what? He totally does. In fact, they could be twinsies. Now wipe that smug look off your face Mr. Anthony and get you and your pet out of there before George Romero sees this pic and starts getting designs on a new movie for you two. Or wait...was that also your plan all along? Damn Marc! You're smarter than I gave you credit for.


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