Friday, October 31, 2008

David Letterman Understands the Power of Queen Ashley

I have always loved David Letterman, but now I love him even more. Why? Because during Queen Ashley Olsen's appearance on Late Night, he fawned over her and nearly fainted in the awe inspiring presence of the great one. Some of the questions he asked her were geared towards who was the driving force behind the Olsen Empire (such as asking who is smarter and who contributes more idea), indicating that it was probably Queen Ashley who dominated in the smarts and ideas department. QA handled it like a pro though, insisting that it was a group process ("Together Everyone Acheives More!") Oh Queen! Why so modest? We all know you're the more intelligent, more clever, more business savvy and more beautiful! Other people may be fooled by Daisy Buchanan's quirky fashion ways, but I know you are the brains behind the operation. However I will admit, modesty suits you as well as a smartly fit Balenciaga jacket on a chilly fall day. Which is mavvvelous, my dear.


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