Monday, October 27, 2008

Pushing Daisies is in Jeopardy!

First FX cancels The Riche$ and now there is talk of ABC canceling Pushing Daisies! Yahoo! TV says "The quirky, critically-acclaimed drama Pushing Daisies about a pie maker who can revive the dead just can’t seem to catch a break. Its first season was interrupted by the writers’ strike and now its second season’s ratings have been falling weekly (with viewership well below that of last year’s). Sure fans love it and want desperately to save it, but unless all the brouhaha turns into viewers, Ned the pie maker will find himself trying to bring the show back to life. " Tragic! I emplore you, we cannot let this happen! I love reality t.v. as much as the next girl but pretty soon all the good dramas will be gone and be replaced with strippers vying for the affection of Cisco! I ask you, is this what the founding fathers of television had in mind upon it's conception? No! If you are not already an avid watcher, be sure to catch "Pushing Daisies" Wednesdays at 8 on ABC. You will not be disappointed!
P.S. Save Pushing Daisies, Save the World!


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