Saturday, October 18, 2008

Do You Wanna Play a Game?

Some people ruin all the fun! Saw V, which arrives in theatres October 24th, had an great viral marketing campaign going on in which people could send someone a phone call or create a voicemail using the voice of Jigsaw. The site would call a number between the hours of 9-5 EST to avoid middle of the night calls. The system worked by entering the name you were calling and your name. The following message would be said when the phone was answered:
“Hello, (your name). Do you want to play a game? You think it’s over but the games have just begun. I’m here with your friend, (your friend’s name). My work will continue in a way you never saw coming. You won’t believe how it ends. Let the game begin.”
Effing awesome right? When I heard about this I rushed on over to find the website and have it call my husband because I LUUURVE the Saw movies. They are my absolute fave of all time and he would have definetely gotten a kick out of it. But could I get the call? No. Because some buzzkill bitches rang up the 5-0, tattled on the site, and it was pulled. Police are cautioning the public and say that if a call is received and you subscribe to caller ID, your home phone number appears as the incoming call. Right now only residents in Beaton, Aliston, and Angus areas are receiving these calls, but they say they expect more reports of these calls until the movie opens on October 24. God people are lame! I'm sure they didn't come from a household like mine where Halloween is bigger than Christmas, but surely they should know the fun in spooky things around Halloween. Thanks for ruining it for us all, lame people who waste the police's time! Good thing there wasn't a robbery or murder going down because the 5-0 would be too busy taking calls from a bunch of nonsense complainers to respond!


The Randosity of Ninoshka said...

ugh..are you effin serious?! we could had tag team on our husbands with those calls seriously..

Mrs. M. said...

You know they would have loved it!

Aliers said...

That sux the site was pulled! That would have been so freakin' cool.
I hate lame arse people!!! boo.

bohobum said...

damn that is lame.
I was on the receiving end of one of those calls. only it happen last year & it was just my friend doing an eerily spot-on impersonation.
this would have been so much kewler. people are lame

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