Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dumbs Whores With Burberry Prorsum Shoes

First of all, Tila Tequila should not be allowed to own the hottest pair of Burberry Prorsum shoes ever to walk the runway. It just goes against the law of nature. They should be placed upon my feet ever so delicately so that I may use them to stomp all over her face. I would say step in dog shit and wiping them on her metaphorical carpet would be in order, but there is no way in helly hell that I would ever get dog shit on such a magnificent pair of shoes. Then again, that chick had to suck a lot of questionable dick to earn those shoes, so I suppose she deserves them. Anyway, here's Whorey McWhore slutting it up with her girlfriend CourtenAy Semen at her 27th barfday bash. My only question is whether they brought that coke mirror from home, or if it was a gift. Silly me, it's a birthday partay-it must have been a gift! Her friends know her so well. I bet she got three of those, 24 boxes of amoxicillan and a star named after each of her venereal diseases.


Aliers said...

I'm jellus of her shoes too!!!!

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