Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ellen and Margaret Cho Say Hell No to Prop. 8

Celebs such as Ellen DeGeneres and Margaret Cho filmed PSAs against California Proposition #8 which bans gay marriage aka tells the gays that they do not actually have civil liberties and freedom like the straights do. You know, I can't understand how anyone could consider denying citizens of this country basic human civil rights. We're supposed to be the free world, the land of opportunity and yet we're still just as backwards and fucked up as we were decades ago. Can't people see denying gays the rights to live as they choose is the same as telling blacks in the 50's they cannot have the same freedoms? Where does someone get off?!? Just ridiculous. Anyway, here's Ellen and Maraget's PSA and some other people including Frangela! They are the best. Don't support discrimination-vote no on Prop 8 all you hot Californians!!!


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