Thursday, October 23, 2008


I have to applaud Vogue India for somehow managing to make Victoria Beckham look like she does not live off of virgin blood and Altoids. In fact, she almost looks human. (Note I said ALMOST). In the November issue Vickie B. throws on an infant sized sari and struts her protruding scapula for all it's worth, scrounging up all the sexy her energy can muster. Which isn't much, but more than she usually manages to bring to the table. I think it's the beat wig. Even though it looks like an 80% off reject you'd pick up three days after Halloween, it succeeds in maker her a little bit softer and a little less like she's from whatever planet Kate Bosworth hails from.


Akeelers said...

Since when did having perpetual bytch face become sexy?

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