Thursday, October 9, 2008

Eva Mendes in ES Magazine

The gorgeous, sexy, talented Eva Mendes is in the October 3, 2008 issue of ES Magazine, and do I have to tell you she looks magnificent and fierce for days? The cuban actress talks ex-loves, her career and JLo in the latest issue, asking others to please stop comparing her to the mogul mom “I would like to think I will have a more serious career than J-Lo. We may both be of Latin origin but that’s where the comparisons stop. She manages her career like the head of a big corporation, wheras the only thing I care about is becoming the best actress possible.” I do not know who on Earth would ever compare Eva and JLo. You're talking rotten apples and caviar. Stale, flat ginger ale and a vintage merlot. A roughly used tampon and a favorite cashmere sweater. JLo like Eva! HA!


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