Monday, October 13, 2008

Eva Mendes in November's Harper's Bazaar Australia

Just in case you need a little class and elegance this Monday morning, here's a delightful dash of Eva Mendes in November's Autralia Harper's Bazaar. The stunning actress talks with the mag about her exotic look, her smokin' style, and her Cuban mentality when it comes to curves. “I have to work out four to six times a week." Eva says. "It’s because I enjoy pasta and having a biscuit with my coffee. I didn’t work out today, but tomorrow I’ll run Bondi to Bronte. My Cuban heritage means if the zipper doesn’t zip up the whole way, we just say screw it! No big deal.” And you know, unlike most other actresses who make this claim, I actually believes she thinks that way. Anyway, here's the marvelous Ms. Mendes looking as magnificent as always:



Madam Miaow said...

"... having a biscuit ..."

A biscuit, as in one? Single? Not a packet? And that takes six workouts a week to sort out?

I am so scrood ...!

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