Thursday, October 23, 2008


You probably don't care about Michael Madsen, but I thought it pertinent to bring you this ridiculous story regarding his recent hospital visit. At first TMZ was claiming that he was was taken from his Los Angeles home on Monday by sheriff's deputies after "a family member in the house became alarmed by his crazy behaviour." The website stated that he was held on involuntary psychiatric hold, administered to patients who are deemed a danger to themselves or others. The actor's publicist has released a statement however saying that "Madsen just got off a plane from overseas after a gruelling work schedule. He was suffering from food poisoning and extreme exhaustion and basically collapsed. He is resting now with his family by his side." Here we go again with the fucking exhaustion! I mean what the hell? Michael Madsen's life is that tough that he has to be hospitalized for being tired? Here's a suggestion: go to fucking sleep! Maybe if you didn't ride the white mountain so much, it would be a little easier to drift off to dream land. What bullshit! When I hear of some spoiled Hollywood bitch being hospitalized for some pussy ass shit like exhaustion, I kind of want to kick them in their lady or man parts. I only have one thing to say to you and people like you Michael Madsen: GTFO!


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