Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall, Bitch!

I hate Katy Perry. Loathe her. She's annoying, unoriginal and just an all out moron. Definetely the kind of girl that makes me embarrased to have a vagina. So it is with pleasure that I present to you Katy Perry falling on her ass not once, not twice, not tres, but four times while performing "I Kissed a Girl". That songs makes me physically ill. If I hear it one more time I swear I'm going to gouge my ear canal out with a sharpened pencil. O.k., I probably won't. But I'll definetely want to.


mama maria said...

That's freakin' hysterical. I guess she had to crawl offstage. What a bimbo.

bohobum said...

ohmygod-that was painfully awesome.
have you heard this bitch's remake of 'electric feel' by mgmt. I really hate her.

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