Saturday, October 25, 2008

For the Baby in Your Life

Trying to figure out what the perfect holiday gift for the baby/dog/teenager/chick/dude/porn star in your life would be? Well I have the perfect suggestion for you-the new Roseanne clothing and accessory line now available on Cafepress! There you can find everything from doggy dishes to onesies to track suits for the love in your life. Just imagine his or her suprise when they open up their neatly wrapped package and find a Hitler face with the McCain/Palin emblem ablaze on it. Surely they will weep at the romantic gesture, thanking their lucky stars that they ever met you. Or picture attending your best friend/sister/boss/mailwoman's baby shower and having them open this gift. Truely they will be thrilled, because most people want nothing more than to have their baby wearing a Hitler face. Then again, is there anything more appropriate than throwing up all over the McCain/Palin name? I mean, if you're going to wear something supporting McCain/Palin, it might as well be something to catch the inevitable vomit, right? What is curious to me is the cute, cuddly teddy bear. Seeing it makes me so confused. Do I hug it or punch it? Oh the internal struggle within!


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