Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gerard Butler and...Shanna Moakler?!?

In a suprising turn of events, "300" star Gerard Butler was spotted getting awfully cozy with Travis Barker's ex-wife Shanna Moakler at an LA club last night. This comes days after Barker's myspace blog in which he states that Shanna hasn't come to visit him at the hospital in a week. She of course had to respond on her myspace, like every mature adult does, by updating her blog with the quote, "With great tragedies comes great truths, these truths either bring people together, or tears them apart ..." That's all fine and good and all, but what I really want to know is how utterly wasted does Gerard Butler have to be to get with that chick? I mean, nothing against her, but he's Gerard effing Butler. He's an solid oak, handcarved rocking chair and she's a rusty, rotted ottoman. He's a first class trip a resort in Playa del Carmen, and she's a discount meal from Del Taco. He's a $10,000 shopping spree at Calvin Klein and she's a basketfull of free clothes at the Salvation Army. Ya picking up what I'm putting down? I know that you are.


Jessica said...

Ewwww...agreed what the hell is he thinking!

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