Sunday, October 26, 2008

Glamour Magazine's Fabulous Over 40 List

Glamour Magazine has come out with their list of the most fabulous, beautimous bitches over 40. Suprisingly, Halle Berry picked up the number one spot. Yes, I know. You would have never guessed. Also on the list are George Clooney, Elizabeth Hurley, Sharon Stone and Tom Cruise. Wait-was this the supposed to be the most annoying individuals on the planet list? Because there is not much fabulous about a bitch that says children dying in natural disasters is karma or a batshit crazy actor saying that women need to bicycle through their post partum depression. I personally call that disgusting, but whatever. Anyway, here's the list. Do you think anyone is missing?
Tha List
Halle Berry
Elizabeth Hurley
Tom Cruise
Tears of a George Clooney
Sharon Stone
Courteney Cox
Kim Cattrall
Teri Hatcher
Kylie Minogue
Demi Moore
Elle MacPherson
Michelle Pfeiffer
Uh...Where Monica Bellucci at? Sandra Bullock? Stacy Dash? No? No takers?


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