Monday, October 20, 2008

The Goddess Christina Hendricks in Page Six Magazine

The fabulous, the incompreble, the magnificent Christina Hendricks brings her beauty to Page Six Magazine this month, a sight which we are blessed to witness. The "Mad Men" beauty talks with the mag about her boyfriend, her body, and her her all around beauty: "I was a model for years, and even when I was 19 years old and 115 pounds [and 5´8˝], my agency said, ‘Your ankles are a little large. If you could lose 10 pounds, that would be really great’. I’ve always had boobs and hips, even when I was 115 pounds. And here I am, much heavier than when I was modeling, and all of a sudden people are giving me positive feedback. Sure, I’d be happier with 10 pounds off — wouldn’t every woman? But at the same time, when I looked at myself in those red carpet pictures, I thought, ‘Oh my God, I looked beautiful’. I didn’t tear myself apart.” She also says that she has a difficult time finding gowns because they are all made for pre-pubescent little boys. “No one will send me dresses. Designers loan size 2 or 4 samples to actresses, but I’m not that size. It’s like I’m a freak because I’m curvy and I can’t squeeze into those things. I’ve had some problems with that.” Yes Christina, you are a freak of nature. Your beauty is unbelievable truely making you a sight to be seen. Men, women and children should travel from all parts of the world to behold your bodacious body. Or they could just turn on their televisions or rent the first season on Mad Men at their local video store. Yeah, that would probably be a lot easier.



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