Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hello Pot? This is Kettle. Yeah, Um...You're Black.

Arch rival 'o mine Mischa Barton is dillusional. She actually thinks she knows a thing or two about fashion. The nerve! The ex-OC star started talking mad smack abotu Victoria Beckham's status as a fashion icon, telling The Sun: "Posh doesn't strike me as particularly stylish. I don't think she's a good example of British style at all." Speaking about her own disgusting fashion sense, she added: "I don't dress for anybody else, and I think the reason people like my style is that I do my own thing." Who died and made this bitch an authority on fashion? She wears suede vests and fringe boots. People who wear suede and fringe should be dragged into the town square, publicly humiliated and the immediately vanquished to a remote island with lots of tigers and bears. Oh my.


Madam Miaow said...

No-o-o-o! Mrs M, suede jackets good.

I had a pair of denim short like Mischa's in the 1980s. And there they stayed along with big hair, dinner plate-size shoulder pads and the very worst music ever produced since the guitar underwent electrification.

Revival of anything from the 1980s, a decade best forgot, requires some sort of extreme punishment pour encourager les autres.

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