Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Hate You.

I hate Mischa Barton. She sucks. She just sucks so effing hard. She thinks she's this brilliant, amazing, talented goddess and she's really no better than a dime bagger who most likely goes down on dudes just so they'll like her or smoke her up. Bitch has probably been passed around more than a bong at Seth Rogan's house. Oh don't act like that was cruel. You know you were thinking basically the same thing. Anyway, because I loathe her with every ounce of my body, it is with nothing but contempt and discust that I admit she actually looks kind of decent front row at Milan Fashion Week. The shoes are hot and I would definetely drag her in the bathroom and kick her ass for that skirt. Wait, what am I saying? I would drag her in the bathroom and kick her ass regardless of what she was wearing. But at least then I would get a skirt out of it along with my own fond memories and satisfaction.


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