Monday, October 13, 2008

Ignorant Movie Company Calls Forest Whitaker "Ugly, Black and Unbankable"

You will have to give me a moment to digest someone refering to Forest Whitaker, one of the most brilliant, phenomenal and passionate actors of our time, as "ugly, black and unbankable." Acclaimed Australian director Rowan Woods say he had to fight to keep the Oscar winner in his new film Winged Creatures after a film company executive dismissed and dissed the amazing talent that is Forest. Despite having "the hottest ensemble cast in town", including Guy Pearce, Kate Beckinsale, Dakota Fanning, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Jennifer Hudson, Woods said the company who owned the script wouldn't accept Whitaker as a leading man. "The initial finance fell through when I stuck with Forest Whitaker for the role of Charlie," Woods said. "An executive told me straight: `Even if he wins the Oscar he's ugly, he's black and he's unbankable.'" Speaking at the Australian Directors Guild conference in Sydney this weekend, Woods said the company, which he wouldn't name for legal reasons, eventually let go of the script because of their disagreement over Whitaker. The budget on Winged Creatures dropped from $US11 million to $US4.5 million because Woods wouldn't consider a Michael Douglas or an Al Pacino for Whitaker's role. "They wanted everyone but Forest Whitaker ... and this is one of the best actors on the planet." Woods emphasized. By the time we had stacked the cast around Forest the asking price for the movie had more than halved from its initial level. " Winged Creatures centres around a random shooting in a Los Angeles diner, and how it affects the lives of those who witness it. Woods said his high profile cast was a pleasure to work with except for teenage starlet Dakota Fanning, who could be a diva on the set.S he initially refused to come out of her trailer on day one of shooting because her scene wasn't filmed first, and was "intensely jealous" of her young co-star Josh Hutcherson. "Everyone was on their best behaviour on this film because they have got a `really serious Australian director who is known for his ensemble work'," Woods laughed."(Fanning) was the only one who was naughty." Woods said while he thinks Fanning is a fine actor, on this film she didn't hit the mark." She is a gorgeous girl ... but she was the disaster," he said."There was something about her presence that wasn't ringing true. Most of our work was cutting her scenes and a lot of her scenes were cut." Well I can believe Dakota Fanning is a class A brat, bit talking shit about Forest Whitaker is something I cannot tolerate! He is magnetic and his work is pure genius! And any Oscar winner who guest stars on "American Dad" is automatically aces with me. I'm glad Woods stuck to his guns on putting Forest in the lead. Otherwise I know that I (and many, many others) would have gladly boycotted this film.


mama maria said...

That makes me ill. I LOVE Forest. He is a brilliant actor.

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