Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's Jesus! Quick, Look Busy!

Modern day messiah Angelina Jolie stepped out last night to dine with Clint Eastwood and Amy Ryan in New York for her new film 'The Changeling', and I surely hope Clint and Amy wore their special staring at Jesus goggles. After all, we all know one can't look straight into the divine light of Saint Angelina with bare corneas. At least us mere mortals can't. Even God's HAIC (head angel in charge) Gabriel has to make an appointment months ahead of time to have a chit chat with Sangie. Even then he's probably all "Um, your holiness? I know you're superbusy saving the planet and all, but do you mind if I bother you for just a teensy sec? I mean, it's cool iif you do. I know you have very important work to do." I can't even begin to imagine how those unsuspecting New Yorkers who were lucky enough to get a glimpse of Sangie handled it. They must have been losing their shit and cursing themselves for not carrying frankensence and myrhh with them at all times. They probably just threw their children at her as a sacrificial gesture of good will.


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