Friday, October 24, 2008

Jeremy Piven on Page Six!!!!

Ok now Page Six is just plain plucking thoughts out of my head. First Christina Hendricks, then Anna Friel, now Jeremy Piven! What's next-Colin Farrell? Queen Ashley? Zoe Kravitz? It is like Christmas at the M. house! The Entourage star sat down with the mag to Broadway, babes, and his throw down with the Jesus of movies, Stephen Dorff. “I was seeking justice in the wrong place...I just wanted him to know he had to wait in line at a crowded club like everyone else.” Madnes-you know you don't dare question the Dorff! You might as well bitch slap Spielberg!
The Piv also refutes his infamous reputation as a womanizer saying “It just feels so played out. It’s not really me. In essence, I am a really boring stage actor from Chicago.” I know, Piv, I know. You want the world to think you are slick and badass, but that is not the real you! The real you is a disciple of the yoga study and practicioner of meditation! That is the true you. And if you don't believe me, you must watch "Jeremy Piven: Journey of a Lifetime" in which the Pivs visits gurus in India. It is the motherlovin' ish!!!! It originally aired on the Travel Channel, but you can probably peep it on youtube. It's the best thing ever on t.v.


bohobum said...

I loved journey of a lifetime! for that program, & no reservations, I'll forever love travel channel.

Aliers said...

I fecking ♥ Piv!!!

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