Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Made a Video for Obama, Ya'll.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt really wants you to vote for Obama. And just in case you don't know why, he has made an informative video. Aside from the shot of a cow shitting, I think Mr. Gordon-Levitt is onto something. His passion for Obama and why he believes he will be a phenomenal president is precisely the way I feel. Obama is the first politician I have ever felt is engaged and actively participates in speeches and debates. When being asked a question, he seems to be actually listening rather than taking that time gather thoughts on whatever topic he feels like talking about. When his opponent speaks, he listens, taking into account the positives and negatives and rebutting thoughtfully and intelligently. I'm not just listening to JGV because he's hot (which he totally is, but that's besides the point) or because he's a celebrity (who really cares what they think anyway?) but because what he is saying is true.


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