Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mark Ronson and Tennessee Thomas Have Good Taste in Clothes, Terrible Taste in Friends

Are Mark Ronson and Tennessee Thomas hanging out with Kirsten Dunst because they are A.) totally hammered to the point of dillusion B.) Because they feel sorry for her or C.) Because they need a good laugh and Lily Allen isn't anywhere to be found? Notice I did not even make "because they think she is cool" an option, because who would believe that? Madness, I say! I'm also wondering if T.T. has ten thousand pairs of those Buster Brows, or if those are the same ones she always wears. Can you imagine how stank nasty they must be if that is her only pair? Perhaps we should all chip in and send her a box of Desenex. Something tells me she probably needs it.


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