Friday, October 3, 2008

Mark Ronson Loves His Coat, Tennessee Thomas Loves Her Shoes

This new love affair between Mark Ronson and The Like's Tennessee Thomas may not last forever, but there's one thing that certainly will: his undying love for that flannel coat and her unwavering affection for her Buster Browns. Not that I'm judging. My husband bought me this kimono from Afghanistan and I wear that damn thing every bloody day. There's something to be said for loyalty even if it's just for an article of clothing. Maybe it's just their way of taking baby steps towards executing a longterm commitment? Yeah. I know. That's quite a stretch but go with me on this one.
Speaking of rich people who wear the same raggedy shit everyday, where is Little Orphan Zoe? I have not seen hide not mothball of her in ages. Don't make me send the NYC mice to look for you Zoe!


Ali-ers said...

I really do ♥ those shoes.
I wonder where she got those suckers from?

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