Sunday, October 5, 2008

Michelle Williams Asked About Single Motherhood, Heath Nominated For Award

Umm...can you say cold hearted and inappropriate? While cruising the red carpet at the New York Film Festival premiere of Wendy and Lucy yesterday, Michelle Williams was asked the question not many would dare to say, "How's being a single mom working out for you?" Uh, how's being a rude asshole working out for you? I mean shit! How is she supposed to answer that question? Some people really need a good kick in the shins and slap in the face. But you know Michelle is too much of a class act to curse them up and down from here to Friday.
Also in Heath Ledger news, the actor is among dozens of leading Australians to secure a nomination in the 2008 GQ Men of the Year Awards, announced at city bar Comme last night. Ledger, who lived for only the first 22 days of the year, has been given a nod in the best actor category for his unforgettable portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight. Other celebrities who were named as influential Australians in the annual poll for the men's magazine include singer Sam Sparro, for the breakthrough artist award, and Daniel MacPherson for the man of style crow. The winners will be announced on November 18, and I bet he'll be taking the title.


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