Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mila Kunis in "Ocean Drive" Magazine

Mila Kunis lights up the pages of this month's "Ocean Drive" magazine giving fierce face for days. The star of the upcoming flick "Max Payne" gave the mag her two cents on plastic surgery and flaunting what you've gots. “I have nothing fake about me,” she insists. “Not one single thing. I will never. I don’t have a boob job, I don’t have extensions, I don’t have fake lashes. Do I wish I had bigger tits and an ass? Absolutely! If it makes you feel better about yourself on the inside I see nothing wrong with it. But I am 100 percent happy with what God gave me.” Personally I don't know how to digest a Hollywood starlet who shuns the slicing and dicing that's so prominent in her industry. If she stays true to that statement, she'll probably be the only one left in 30 years who doesn't look like a melting Madame Tusso's figure. Children will come for miles around to catch a glimpse of her pure, untouched face. She'll be like Yosimite. But you know. Alive.


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