Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh Sylar! You So Silly!

New stills from the upcoming Star Trek movie have been released and it looks fucking awesome. I don't even like Star Trek and I want to see this crap. O.k. Maybe it's just because Zachary Quinto is all up in that piece. But still. A ticket is a ticket, right? Other hot bitches attached to the film include Zoe Saldana, Eric Bana, Simon Pegg and...John Cho?!? Well, I guess if Kal Penn can convincingly go from Kumar to dramatic roles in projects like "House" and "The Namesake", I can give Harold a fair square. But the minute he and Captain Kirk light up a joint and start in on some shenanigans, I'm...well, I guess I would think that's pretty funny. But it would kind of break the whole mood. If you ask me, this flick should be 95% Spock, 3% space-the final frontier, and 2% the rest of the cast as minor glitches on the ST radar. You know, someone to hand Spock his smokes and galactic hot pocket. I am also wondering where banana hair clip as glasses guy is. I know he's not of that generation, but he's so awesome that they should have worked him in there somehow. I mean-it's the future for crying out loud. You're telling me he can't be a clone or someone sent to warn them about bad stuff going down? Way to drop the ball, ST writers! You missed a golden opportunity!


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