Thursday, October 30, 2008

The One Time of the Year When These Children Look Normal

Michael Jackson took his childrens out yesterday to a costume party in Hollywood. Or did he? Let's see...average everyday clothes? Check. Wierd mask covering their faces? Check. Internal feeling of disapointment that of all the parents in the world, they had to be given this one? Check. Therefore they look the same as they always do to me. Perhaps if he really wanted to disguise them, they could just go to the party without masks. I guarantee you no one would ever notice them. Or wait...that's probably what the children want and Jackson knows it! If they were annonymous, they would be able to escape and effortlessly blend in with society. I bet they sit in their bedrooms playing "The Glass House" over and over through the wee hours of the night, jotting down ideas in their secret journal and planning their eventual escape.
I really hope these kids never write a tell-all.


Aliers said...

I feel bad for this kiddos :(

Madam Miaow said...

Oh you are wicked, Mrs M. :-)

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