Wednesday, October 1, 2008

An Open Letter to Hillary Duff.

Oh Hillary. Has It Come To This? You disappoint me. You are a talented and beautiful young star, so why have you lowered the bar by posing for the cover of the latest US Weekly with Lauren Conrad? Bitch has no soul! And I'm not even talking about "she has a soul but is totally darksided." No. She has no soul. As in she is not a real human being. Methinks MTV has some top secret room where they churn out slutty androids devoid of all emotion and morals in order to continue their quest of corrupting today's youth with hot tub orgies and delusions of talentless fame. Now I realize you are probably super nice and thought it might be diva of you to refuse posing with Conrad, but I am here to tell you we would all not think less of you had you put your Louboutin down. In fact, I am sure I speak for everyone when I say we would have respected you all the more. I might even have bought a copy of "The Perfect Man". Well, I doubt it. But maybe. In conclusion I highly suggest you fire whoever dropped the ball and agreed to this monstrosity.
Kisses & Bitchslaps,
Mrs. M


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