Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Posh and Becks Sue the Help for Theft

David and Victoria Beckham are suing their housekeepers for having sticky fingers. Eric and June Emmett who worked for the Brit couple for over ten years were charged by police for theft after items from the Beckhams home were spotted for sale on ebay. A source said: “David and Victoria can’t believe it. They just don’t know who to trust any more. David was livid when he found out.” Ha! Can you imagine that sqeaky voiced David walking around squealing and throwing a fit? Glasses within a ten mile radius probably shattered from the vibrations of his girlish screams. Anyway, the source added: “Tony and Jackie were tipped off about some of David and Victoria’s possessions appearing on eBay. They recognised the items as ones which had either been given to David and Victoria or bought by them and placed in their home. When they checked out the house they discovered items matching those being offered for sale were missing and called in the police.” Cops are said to have found the details given for the sellers of the property matched the Essex address of the Beckhams’ housekeepers. Many of the eBay items were allegedly recovered from their address. A spokesman for eBay said: “We are working with police to establish the facts. We will not tolerate stolen items being listed on the site.” Mrs Emmett last night denied any wrongdoing and said she was confident she and her husband would not face charges. She said: “This has all come as a bolt from the blue.” On Facebook, her husband admits being “addicted” to shoes and and lists Porsche 911s as an “interest”. (Gay!) A spokesman for the Beckhams said: “It would be inappropriate to comment as the matter in police hands.” My only question is why you would risk a ten year job for some quick cash? Did the Beckhams pay them beans? And why even try to sell Posh's crap? You know the only people that can fit into her dresses are anorexic seven year olds and I doubt they're interrested in Chanel.


Madam Miaow said...

All worthwhile, I'm sure.

What was it someone said after visiting Ike Turner's abode? "I never knew you could spend a quarter of a million dollars in Woolworths."

(Must've been Tina.)

BTW, Mrs M, I realise that when I'm bored and supposed to be getting on with stuff, your blog is now one of the first I turn to for wit and entertainment. Perhaps we should devise a list of the top ten displacement activity blogs.

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