Thursday, October 23, 2008

Preach It To the Choir

Yesterday on her show, Ellen remarked on the recent comments made by Sarah Palin that she would like to ban gay marriage. Ellen of course married longtime girlfriend Portia just a few months ago and this ban would void her as of now legal marriage. Her main reason though for fighting the ban? Umm, because we're all created equal and should be entitled to make our own decisions about who we love and marry. Yeah, I know. That's a hard concept for some people to understand, but worth the try nonetheless. I actually just turned in another paper about gay rights (this time about offering health benefits for same sex couples) in one of my classes today. Sometimes my husband asks why I am so very, very passionate about gay rights and the answer is simple. Denying gays and lesbians basic freedoms is a civil rights issue. Just as we think denying interratial couples the right to marry (which it was until 1967) is absurd now, I can only hope that everyone will see denying same sex partners the right to marry in the future as just as absurd. I mean, last time I checked it was liberty and justice for all. And before you even stop and think "well it doesn't involve me so who cares", just remember that at one time we all were discriminated against. Every religion, every race, every gender faced some kind of persecution. We have the freedoms we have now because a select few stood up and said we won't take it anymore. No one can tell me I am not an equal. We need to follow in their footsteps and refuse to accept prejudice as a way of life.

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