Saturday, October 18, 2008

P.S. I Hate You

No, I'm not talking to you although you probably think that I am considering I'm torturing you with a picture of the creature from the Bartles & Jaymes lagoon, Tara Reid. What I'm wondering is how on Earth it is fair that a hot mess such as Tara who has not done anything besides get shit faced, tumble out of cars and show everyone her $5 tit and lipo job (which I'm almost positive she had a coupon for), gets to spend her days laying on the shores of Miami beach. That should be you or I! Then again, have you ever been to Miami beach? You get packed like a goddamn can of sardines up in there. Unless of course you're Tara Reid and everyone runs in terror upon seeing you walk towards them, thinking that you are some kind of Area 54 experiment gone horribly wrong. I mean, she's seriously starting to look like Mohinder on "Heroes" post injection. You know, with all those disgusting, peeling scales and shit. At least he's got the human decency to keep his clothes on. Courtney Love, come git your twin!


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