Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Queen Ashley Lets The Other One Come Along For the Ride

How sweet and lovely that Queen Ashley allowed her sister Daisy Buchanan to pretend like she had a hand in launching the latest The Row shop in Paris! Actually I shouldn't say that. I'm sure Daisy can order a mean coffee without which Queen Ashley would not be able to broker million dollar deals that keep Daisy dressed in the finest rags the world has to offer. That Ashley Olsen- so kind to her subjects.


Ali-ers said...

You're gonna hate me for this Mrs. M, but I kinda can't tell them apart :(

I know a while ago one of them had dyed her hair brown (don't know which one). But now I honestly don't know which is which.

*hides behind couch from flying shoes*

Mrs. M. said...

LOL! I think the best way is Ashley is the one doing something productive while Mary Kate is giving majah Renee Zellwegger sour apple prune face.

Ali-ers said...

Oh! Okay, that sounds easy enough :D

MK is the one you call Daisy Buchanan, right? LOL

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