Monday, October 27, 2008

Seth Rogan is a Sell Out

Seth Rogan has lost a whole bunch of weight in order to play the title role in the new film "The Green Hornet", but despite his improved phsyique, he's not really feeling it. “I’ve been eating better and training - and hating myself for it. I feel like a sell out, I feel lame, I feel like a guy I would make fun of.” Well Seth, that's probably because you are a sell out. And I'm not just saying that because I hate you. O.k. maybe I am, but so what? It doesn't matter if he's 150lbs or 350lbs-he's still a huge tool in my book. And despite the fact that Seth looks undeniably better, I still wouldn't hit it. The only way this dude would ever shiver me timbers would be if I had amnesia and forgotten that I was not a total douchemagnet. We could be stuck on a desert island and he had the only bottle of water in existance and I still wouldn't fuck him. The only man he's more attractive than is R. Kelly which isn't saying much because that freak pees on children. So, you know, I wouldn't say Seth Rogan is the worst alternative in the world. I'm just saying he's second to worst.


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