Friday, October 10, 2008

Sex Addict on the Loose!

Hide your computers and put away your porn-sex addict David Duchovny has been released into the wild and is now able to walk the streets with the normal folk. I know a lot of us joke about him being a sex addict, but I do feel bad for his wife Tea Leoni. It's got to be kind of embarrasing for the world to know your husband is obsessed with porn. Poor thing is just an innocent bystander. You get all the privacy in the world from me, Tea. David on the other hand is another story. He better be running to get Tea a car or a private island or some shit like that. She deserves it for putting up with his ass.


Madam Miaow said...

Mrs M, have Dave's hands frozen into that position? Is that a mobile giving the po' boy something to squeeze on in a reassuring way? (If so, I suggest he substitute fruit — I did and it didn't do me any harm.)

Why is he wearing a hat that makes him look like a nob in a fluorescent condom?

All these things we should be told.

Ali-ers said...

I feel for Tia too.
That would suck to have people knowing about hubbie's porno probs :(

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