Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So Then I Was All "I Would LOVE to Cut a Record With You Ghostface Killah!"

Dita Von Teese celebrated her 36th birthday in Paris October 4th with Kylie Minogue who was definetely giving her the "I want to sleep with you" eye throughout the entire evening. Just look at that smitten kitten Kylie! She totally wants to see Diter's feathered boa on her bedroom floor. Actually, I am sure Dita would not just toss her boa on the floor like some kind of barnyard animal. She would probably delicately lay it over the headboard in slo motion to "As You Desire Me". It must be effing magical to be Dita Von Teese. She looks like she bathes in milk and lounges around in kimonos all day on gold dipped beds while being lavished with gifts from Sultans. She's living my dream life!


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