Friday, October 24, 2008

Something Tells Me She Doesn't See The Irony In This.

First of all, could someone take a hammer and crack this spackle face to bits? Her shit is really starting to look like one of those disgusting old ratted houses filled with mold but with a new coat of paint on the outside. Shit should be condemned! Anyway, here Heidi Montag is posing with a print of herself holding two melons with the lovely title "Grope". This of course is a spoof on the amazing Shepard Fairey's Obama "Hope" piece, but something tells me bitch doesn't get either that or the underlying message of this whole thing. She probably is all "Cantaloooops! I love cantaloops! If you are smart you squeeze them to make sure they are ripe. That's what I do, cause I'm smart and stuff. Cheerrrry lippp glossss. Mailboxes! Wait, what?" Both Heidi and her douchebag cling on Spencer attended the "Dimbulb, Vomit, Rejection" art event last night. Or "Lights! Camera! Election!" Whatever the hell they were calling it. I'm also throwing in some Alexis Arquette because bitch is fly as hell.


Aliers said...

we need some Alexis Arquette after looking at toolface Heidi Montag! :D

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