Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sorry Lesbians of the World! Melissa Ethridge is Going Off the Market.

Melissa Etheridge, 47 has just announced that she will remarry her long time girlfriend Tammy Lynn Michaels, 33 (better known as that chick from "Popular"). “Yes, we have four children and we’re trying to find the right time,” she told Extra. This will be the second time the ladies have wed. The couple had a civil ceremony in 2003. As you may recall, Tammy gave birth to the couple’s twin children son Miller Steven and daughter Johnnie Rose in 2006. Melissa also has two other children from a previous relationship with Julie Cypher. Daughter Bailey Jean and son Beckett fathered by David Crosby (yes, I know. Still gross after all these years.) I am very happy these two have made it despite the age difference and all, but why does Tammy insist on looking so damn old? She's only 33 but ever since she started clam diving, she's adopted this very elderly "I smell like moth balls" appearance. Just because you're married to an older woman doesn't mean you have to start playing bingo and wearing holiday sweaters. Bitch looks older than Melissa! I'm not a believer in botox and all that crap, but why try to look old when you aren't? Hottness is such a terrible thing to waste and she's just flushing hers down the toilet. Woosh!


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