Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sweet Mother of God!

What did we do to deserve such visual fuckery? I mean there's bad, and then there's "got shit on by a monkey, thrown in a swamp, tackled by Tori Spelling, fucked by Carrot Top, beat in the face with a bamboo stick, dragged 60 miles by a waste management truck, possessed by Satan, injected with whatever the hell kind of messed up crap Paula Abdul is on, strapped to an electric chair and forced to listen to David Hasselhoff records on repeat for six weeks, rolled the entire way down Mt. Everest, and gone cave diving with Samantha Ronson" kind of bad. Bitch looks like she was cryogenically frozen during the most unfortunate developmental stage of the evolutionary process. She makes me want to grab some garlic and the phone book and start ringing up some excorcists because this is straight up some unholy shit. Oh Lara Flynn Boyle-why would you do this to yourself? Remeber how pure and human you looked during your Twin Peaks days? You were adorable! Now you just look like Leatherface wearing Lara Flynn Boyle from Twin Peaks. I mean Got Damn! And just in case you need a reminder, here's a picture of Lara from back in the day. I would never, ever guess that was the same person.


Anonymous said...

yup your on your A game today Slacker Chic. call them as you see them.

mama maria said...

Holy crap......She looks scary.

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