Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Take Me To Your Leader

And yes, I am talking to both of them. Kate Bosworth stepped out last night with Karl "You're a fucking fatass!" Lagerfeld for the Chanel Mobile Art Party. Now, I didn't attend (obviously!), but I'm sure Kate really endulged by trying to eat a single swiss cheese wedge only to have Karl Lagerfeld bitch slap it out of her hand yelling, "Vut are vou thinking? Vou want to become fat heifer? Vou discust me! Now go get vour vater and no lemon vedge for you! And stop crving before I instruct one of vy handlers to punch you in face!" Poor Kate. Can't get a break. Perhaps she can hop onboard her mothership and sneak one of those bags of peanuts she'll surely be serving later. That should tide her over for the next 6 months easy.


Aliers said...

Karl Lagerfeld is such an Assy Ass-erton. I really dislike him. I want to send him nude photos of my fat arse so he'll crap his pants and have a seizure.

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